So I'm finally gonna give a DCS set a try, what are your guys thoughts on SP's DCS sets?

I ended up getting a good deal on almost the full set of DCS Toxic from the original GB (the numpad is the only child kit it doesn’t come with). I’ve never fully gave a DCS set a fair shot as I am not a fan of thinner caps, but have heard of certain use cases where they shine. With Toxic being one of my favorite colorways I decided to take the plunge. So now I’m wondering what your guys experiences with DCS sets have been like. Good, bad, meh? Any switches or case types you’ve found them to shine on? Let me know what you think of DCS Keebtalk! :upside_down_face:

My general thoughts is that the profile is decent, but too bad the keycaps are too thin.

Some of the legends could be updated/fixed as well, but that’s life.

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Yeah pretty much how I have felt about them from trying them at meetups & the few random DCS caps I have. Hopefully I like them more than I’m thinking I will, but it will still be nice to have something from the early days of GBs in my collection!

Ooh nice Toxic is awesome, I’ve always wanted a set of toxic and green tea. I passed up green tea way back when and have been sad about it for years haha

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As someone who doesn’t mind thin caps, especially when it comes to clicky switches, the DCS caps I’ve tried seem to be pretty good! Albeit, a tad overpriced, but that’s kinda what you get when you’re dealing with SP after all.

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Yeah I did the same & have been kicking myself about it since then also, LOL! Green Tea was a great colorway! I’m thinking DCS may actually excel on Holy Pandas sound wise, can’t say how they’ll feel though. Also I think they’ll go well sound wise with all types of plastic cases, from stock Leo/Varm/Ducky etc. to custom PC/POM/Acrylic etc. SO I’ll be doing some experimenting with moving them around to different switch & case types when I get them for sure.

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Good to hear an upvote for DCS, but unfortunately I am not a clicky switch fan. I really liked BOX Navies before the stem debacle & really like Cherry Whites when they’re working consistently. Problem being is getting a consistent batch of them, gotta buy like 200 to cover a 60% LOL! Seriously though it’s been awhile since I did a clicky build & that could make a nice home for this set. :thinking:

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I like DCS and other thin caps on lighter switches. I had a few boards with Cherry Reds. I didn’t use those keyboards for quite some time b/c they had GMK caps on them and it just felt boring. However, when I swapped them back to DCS and OEM thin caps, I actually enjoyed them much more. Weird, but it is what it is.

I’m constantly thinking about picking up a toxic or midnight gamer set. Still just haven’t pulled the trigger. Grats.


Thanks, Midnight Gamer almost had me pull the trigger a few times when SP had it in stock also. I’ve actually been tending towards lighter switches lately so hearing DCS pairs well with them is nice. Might grab some 60g or 55g TX springs to throw in the retooled blacks my acrylic Clueboard is rocking & pair the set with that for now. I had it out the other day & wow did it feel heavy since I’ve been using 72g lately!

If you want to complete your DCS Toxic set ask BunnyLake from geekhack, he has extra kits but don’t know which ones exactly.

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