So many black and yellow keysets this year

I feel like I’m going crazy. I’m waiting on two black+brass keyboards to ship (KC 1/60 and a J-02) so I’ve been looking out for matching keysets. At first I was glad I had a few different options but now it’s actually getting to be too many.

So far this year, we’ve had GBs for GMK Hero, Infinikey Hive, GMK Spirit, GMK Lux, and now GMK Blue & Red Samurai. KAT Explosion comes dangerously close to fitting the bill as well. I want all of them. I already bought hero, spirit, and lux. Mixing up the R/G/B of Hero and Samurai sounds like fun but a massive waste of money. What’s up with all these keyset designers trying to empty my bank account?

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I feel you, the awesome stuff just keeps growing and more sets are tempting.

Already have more sets than keyboards…

At one point I think you just get everything you love and stash it over the other obscene number of keysets, like @pixelpusher does :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just a bit jealous on his collection. :))

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I wouldn’t worry about the samurai sets from Drop. If you can’t pick them up now, they will 100% have extra sets down the road.

Hero might be a sleeper of a set. It didn’t sell as well as some other recent sets, so there will most likely be less out there in the wildot it might gain value in time.

Lux will probably have the most resale value. Good purchases for sure.

I feel the struggle as well. I have quite a few sets of keycaps (okay, maybe an understatement), so I have to try to justify each new purchase as something I cannot live without. Lots of good stuff coming out and lots on the horizon.

An exercise of moderation to apply to all aspects of life? Maybe that’s the justification? So you didn’t spend money on just keycaps. Instead, you exercised caution, practiced moderation, and this is your reward.


You know what it is





Strange that we haven’t had more blue and orange since that’s all that Hollywood seems to be interested in.

Don’t forget the amazing MT3 Serika! Loving that keyset!


Along those lines, I would seriously love to see a Gulf Racing themed keyset!

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I seem to remember someone on GH atempting an IC along those lines :thinking: Don’t think it took off the ground although I don’t think much effort was put into it.

Calm down Wiz. /s

Still waiting on Maxkeys Virtual War SA from KBDfans GB back in October :stuck_out_tongue:

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Can’t forget about MG Ember!

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Yeah, that Gulf set caught my eye to on GH (link below). I love the concept but looks like it’s struggling to get momentum. Which is a shame. I would totally go for this. GMK Grand Prix might have to satisfy the racing theme itch for me.