SOLD [US-WA][H] IDB60 (MX HHKB and WKL tops), built with lubed modded Gateron Clears [W] 180 plus shipping CONUS Paypal

Hello KeebTalk,

I need to raise some funding for a private GB I am trying to host, but I need to make up some money to do so. So, the first thing to go is my IDB60. This is built with the HHKB top, 65g Milky Gateron clears with my leftover panda tops, and tuned GMK stabs. This also includes a WKL top.

This is in perfect condition. Images in the timestamp of all angles on the board.

Looking for 180 plus shipping for the bundle of the build and second top.

Timestamp and Close Up Imagesstrong text

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Tempting, I’m doing some side work right now so you may get a PM from me in a couple days if it doesn’t sell. Great price with the extras BTW, GLWS!

Thank you very much! Ill keep you in the loop if anyone goes for it.

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Marking this post as “Pending” with user Faux.

Payment has been received from Faux, so I will be marking this thread as SOLD.

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