[SOLVED] S key not working

So my KBD67Lite is having some trouble with registering the S key (I’m typing this on my laptop keyboard, ew). I’ve taken the PCB out and put tweezers at the back of the sockets and nothing shows up. Hopefully this is a socket issue because I can always solder it back in, but if it’s a PCB, then I’m screwed lol.

I have not been bashing or crashing the keyboard and it’s in near new condition. Nothing crazy has been done and hotswap socket looks the same as the others.

Hopefully some of the others here know what’s going on and can put some advice into what is happening.

If the tweezers don’t register check for a missing diode. Every key should have one.


The diodes are those little black things, outlined with the white rectangle brackets; below the hot swap socket and above the LED.


Thank you all who responded. Turned out it was a flipped diode and was a quick fix :+1: .

Edit: Thought I should add something for others in the future. If PCB not working (especially S lol) then:

1: Check for bent pins

2: See PCB for solder mistakes or faulty hotswap sockets

3: Check for diodes missing or flipped :slight_smile: