Some JTK PC MAX TRAYS pics from customers

Will keep updating:
GH post:


Nice, I need to grab a few of these for my SA sets & some of the regular ones for my non GMK sets. Right now I’ve been using just plain boxes & sheets of bubble wrap, which work well enough for protecting the caps in storage, but man are they a mess when it comes organizing the sets!

Wow these look like they turned out well to fit SA keycaps comfortably like that. If it was a GMK keycap, it looks like there would be some wobble, but there isn’t enough space for GMK keycaps to ‘jump around’ right?

The pc max trays is for SA and JTK HSA. If you use GMK or JTK CA profile, you can buy normal pc trays sir.

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Are these available in North America yet? I remember Puddsy was talking about doing a GB for them.

Seconded - I would buy several of these if I had an easy opportunity to do so without paying way too much for shipping.

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Thirded, would buy if available from EU proxy.