Some Questions about my first mod. Lubbing switches and stabs

I was very excited about the community’s reception on my first topic. I didn’t expect to be so well received!

I have some spare switches and I want to try lube them. It looks the most “safe” thing I can do by now. I just want to get my feet wet.

  1. All lubes I see mentioned are called by their english name. Maybe I could find some equal or similar where I live (Brazil). What should I look for?

  2. Are the Reds too smooth after lubing? What about Blacks? Can I lube browns without losing the tactile feedback? What about Blues?

I currently have:

  • the entire board (100% layout) with Outemu Browns
  • 2 Spare Browns
  • 2 Reds
  • 2 Blacks
  • 2 Blues

I have 8 spare switches… so I can try things without the risk of losing switches (and they’re Outemus… so they’re also cheap)

I also wanna try lubbing the stabs. What kind of care should I take with stabs? Thank you all, again :slight_smile:

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Can’t help with the lube question, but I can with the switches.
Is x switch too smooth after lubing? Not really. Unless you are very bothered by the feeling of a smooth switch, both reds and blacks will have the same smoothness, but some scratch due to the quality of the switches. If you were to lube browns, don’t lube the tactile legs otherwisethat will most likely remove most of the tactility. Most people don’t recommend lubing clickies and it would be a little wonky with the way blues click, but I’m sure you could do it and it would be a fun little experiment.

For stabs, I recommend checking out this guide by Taeha Types on modding stabilizers.

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I’d also suggest reading this post: Which Lube for Switch Lube: An updated guide on the what, how, and where of switch lubricants

I’d say it’s fine to apply a bit of lube to tactile legs. You’d be better to use a thinner lube or even oil for that though.

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Nice!! Bookmared :smiley: