Someone's detailed silent tactile modding request

Okay, funny story.

I replied to a thread about tactiles 7 months ago, and people keep asking me question on that thread.

The most recent one is about silent tactiles, and it seemed like more of a ‘Keebtalk’ question.

Someone is looking for a silent tactile that isn’t too mushy. They’d prefer something in U4-range of tactility, but less mushy.

I have suggested the usual alternatives, such as Durock Silent Shrimp, TTC Silent Bluish White, and Kailh Deep Sea Pro V3 [Whale].

But the post author had been considering frankenswitching in order to achieve the desired result. Here is the quote:

—I would like to know your thoughts on silent tactiles/muted tactiles that are similar to the u4/u4t-I’m looking for a good office alternative to the 68g u4ts which I have on my home board. My current in office board has wuque/meletrix silent tactiles on the alphas/main keys. The reason I did not opt for the u4s was because of the “mushiness” I’ve read about from the dampeners, and that the wuque silents use a different dampening system while being similar in tactility to the u4s that minimises mushiness.

Sadly though, my experience with them hasn’t been great. They’re decent but I don’t love them. Though yes, they are very similar to the u4/u4ts, I find that the slightly little more pre-travel they have in comparison that makes them feel like they “wobble”. In actuality, tolerances are actually pretty tight and on testing there really is minimal stem wobble. So basically it’s just in my head and the pre travel I’ve learned is something I don’t prefer.

The main issue is my space bar, which is 7u (does it make a difference? My home board is 6u), which “double presses”. I thought at first it was my pcb, but on further testing, I think it’s just the way I type with my thumb. Even though they’re really very similar on a force curve, the wuque’s are a lot less crisp in tactility than my u4ts, which is I think the issue. I tried to swap a 68g spring from a boba to wuque to increase the spring weight, which has helped a bit. But doesnt solve the issue of crispness.

A switch being entirely silent isn’t exactly important, I really just need a muted switch that is quieter than the u4ts, have the same/similar tactility as the u4ts, while avoiding mushiness. I really like the rounded D bump and would prefer to not switch to a P, but will compromise if I have to. I probably can’t go any lower than 65g spring weight because of the above, unless I have a space bar that is unproportionally heavier.

So my question is, does anyone have suggestions for this person?

I suggested trying out 2-stage springs on a silent tactile first. That may reduce perceived mushiness, according to some accounts. So that’s what they’re starting with.

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I mean, there is a “half-silent” U4T, called the U4Tx:

There are reviews from respected members of the KeebTalk community here and here


Thanks. I’m pretty sure I mentioned U4Tx to that person at some point.

So they are likely aware of all the choices now.