Sorbothane Extras NOW LIVE!

Limited quantities available of Sorbothane. Both 6"x12" and 12"x12" sheets in 30 duro.
First come first serve.
Limit of 1 per person.


Click here to order

12" x 12" x 0.1" for $30 vs Amazon Prime at $57
6" x 12" x 0.1" for $20 vs Amazon Prime at $25-35

Shipping Included in price!


Hey man (of interests)!
12x12in please!

I’m down for a 12x12… thx!

Interested in a 12x12, but are you running another GB of this? I don’t need it until my Unikorn comes

I’l probably run another GB in the future, haven’t decided when yet. Hoping to bring precut sizes for 60% and TKLs though.

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Pre-cuts would be amazing!

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Since you did not include any information about shipping date, can I ask for an estimate?

All remaining invoices will go out today;

All invoices paid by Thursday night will be shipped out either Friday or Saturday :smiley:

All Invoices have been sent out!