Sound differences among new TX springs?

With all the new TX variants coming out, it can be hard to keep up.

I have been using the 16mm TX long springs, but I have no experience with the new 15mm.

I have read that some people are finding the heavier (>14mm) TX springs to be noisier than the 14mm. Has anyone else experienced this?

If so, is there a difference in noise level between the 15mm and 16mm?


if I did not remember wrong, 15mm is the standard length for any MX switches. So 14mm is known as a short spring and 16mm known as a long spring.

I assume you are talking about the top out sound. 16mm, in theory, should be louder than 15mm. As 16mm spring is compressed more initially, which will give a stronger re-bounce force, hence louder top out sound.

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I’ve been using 16mm TX longs and have not noticed louder topout noise. I lube top side of stem sliders pretty thoroughly.