Sound Reverberations

I really like the TKL form factor, it is a good compromise. Which is why I had specifically bought a Masterkey Pro S for the Norbauer case when I came to hear about the project last year.

Now that I have it permanently on my desk. I have noticed it to be much more louder than usual. Quite a bit of echoing as I type.

I was wondering if anyone uses any sort of dampening material in their cases to bring the volume down? I have also seen foam being used under the key caps.

To be honest, I can’t seem to figure out what is causing it.

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I use sorbothane in my norbatouch cases

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I use cheap craft foam sheet from the hobby store. Once you get it filled as much as possible (you’ll want the pcb smashing against the foam), it does sound a LOT better.

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Someone should take a control board and do a comparison with different types of damping (i.e. sorbothane, rubber, craft foam, shelf liner) to show what’s most effective.

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I like that thought. It would be nice to have a comparison of the various widely available dampening materials.

Do you fill it up all the way till the bottom of the PCB is resting on it?

I found some on Amazon in different sizes and thickness. I might give that a shot. Just need to measure up the internal housing, to determine what thickness should I be getting.

Yes, I have filled the bottom of the case, two layers of .1" thickness did it. Be warned: complete coverage with sorbothane makes the PCB/plate very hard to remove.

Thanks for the advice. When you say, hard to remove. Is it because the PCB got “stuck” onto the sorbothane foam?

I just mine up and measured the depth from the PCB to the bottom of the case. It is approximately 1cm or 0.39". @Nebulant, are you saying that 0.2" like what you have experienced is more than sufficient?

Sorbothane is pretty sticky stuff. And only two layers gave me contact

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Thanks @Nebulant. I hope they non conductive.

Did you try typing with it on a mousepad or a deskmat instead of flat on the desk?

Straight off the table