Sound Test: GMK vs ePBT Stabilizers

I am building a new keyboard and I wanted to do a comparison between GMK screw-in and ePBT screw-in stabilizers. Aesthetically the ePBT stabilizers win but when it comes to sound it’s an entirely different story.

I haven’t finished experimenting yet as I might play with doing a tape or band-aid mod still, but here is a comparison between the two stabilizers.

SoundCloud Audio


7u GMK Screw-In Stabilizers clipped and lubed with Dielectric Grease
7u ePBT Screw-In Stabilizers pre-clipped and lubed with Dielectric Grease
NovelKeys Cream switch lubed with 205g0 and Spring with 106
7u SA R3 Spacebar

First Section: GMK Typical Press Force
Second Section: ePBT Typical Press Force
Third Section: GMK Hard Press Force
Fourth Section: ePBT Hard Press Force

Conclusion so far

The GMK stabs don’t seem to bottom out as much as the ePBT stabs and are therefore quieter. I haven’t tried using a band-aid or fabric tape to see how this dampens sound. They both feel about the same when lubed.

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