Southern California Mechanical Keyboard Meetup - December 2019

The Keyboard Assembly
Hosted by the Mechanical Keyboard Club / LA

When: Saturday, December 7, 2019
Where: Los Angeles, CA

Whether you own a keyboard, or plan to own one, The Keyboard Assembly will be a great place for you to come see mechanical keyboards, new and old in a relaxed and casual setting.

As always, the event is free and open. All ages are welcome.

Escape your winter blues and come to sunny Los Angeles for a relaxed keyboard event but stay for the world class dining, sightseeing, and activities.

We received over 150+ names on the interest check form so space may be limited.

Please RSVP here to secure your spot.

Dang, two LA meetups two weekends in a row? Y’all got a lot going on down there

Quick update:

We have over 200 people RSVP’d for this event. Will have to cut the list off soon.

We’re still working hard to secure the venue we had last year.

hey guys, i’m dropping the deposit on the venue today

There is action needed from all of you, I know most of you have filled out the RSVP form but I need every one who’s planning on attending to fill out the new RSVP form ASAP.

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RSVP’d baby! I can’t wait to see everyone there

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Hopefully I’ll get my MT3 dev/tty’s by then!

we’ve reached capacity (and then some) we’re going to do one final step to confirm RSVPs. There is a new waitlist form available so please fill it out if you’re interested in attending but have not yet filled out the RSVP.

please fill out this form to be notified when spaces open up.

If you’d like to attend as a vendor, please fill out this form:

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I think I RSVP’d in the first round. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it. I have a wedding to go to on the 7th =/

if you’ve previously RSVP’d please check your email for the final RSVP process.

everyone else, hit this form to be added to the waitlist

thanks for all your interest!

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RSVP’D! Can’t wait to see everyone there

If you signed up on the waitlist, please check your email for further instructions.

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all previous rsvp and waitlisters have been given their opportunity to grab their tickets.

eventbrite is now open to all.

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