Southpaw Fullsized B-Stock Extras!

I enjoy my Southpaw FS


over 500 bucks for a board with manufacturing defects? (some of them anyway)
don’t get me wrong, it’s probably one hell of a board. but is it really that good?


yea i wouldnt buy a b-stock for that much. Maybe 300$. 400$ at most, if im hella desperate

The one that’s priced at $510 had all of the most expensive options. 7075 aluminum with hard anodization, brass weight, brass plate. Even at the original GB price it would have been $495.

To buy something with defects that minor (none of them are even visible when built and on a desk) and have it shipped to me immediately? Even if it wasn’t decked out with all those options I’d say that’s worth $500.

Just got an email, there’s going to be a 2nd round of extras available at midnight PST (4 hours from now)