SP DSS Tecla keycaps

I think its cool that they have Cassidy Williams name as designing this set, even though it’s fairly basic. Not a fan of how they broke up the kits, though. Might get some to mix and match with my DSS Dolch set. I think both the red and blue mods would look good with dolch alphas and the white alpas will look great with the black mods of dolch.

Just have a lot of keycaps in the queue to purchase is the only problem.


Just saw this. Really like the look. Reminds me a lot of the old Electronika boards.


While I still am hoping for a WoB set, this ain’t too bad :thinking:


Another set of poorly thought out kits. The 40% kit is missing a 1.75u Enter and split spacebars.

Overall it looks pretty good, but they need to up their kit game.


Hmmm, might have to get in on this one. Dolch is classic & I don’t have a proper Dolch set, but I do have Sky Dolch (my fav variant) & Yolch. So this is a little more attractive to me for a first DSS set. Almost tempted to grab both the red & blue mods, but I’ll be going with red most likely if I get a set.

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MAGA build incoming


No ergo kit in this one :’(

Thanks for sharing the link! Cassidy here :slight_smile:

I’m super excited to finally have this set out in the world. I first pitched it to PMK back in September 2018, and it’s finally here!

I admit the set breakups are a little off too. They cover most things, but PMK varied from my original designs a bit. Hopefully that part isn’t too disappointing for folks. :slight_smile:

I wrote up about the full design on my Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/posts/designing-dss-28083773), if you’d like to see more details!
As you might see, more colors were also a part of the original design. PMK said that the set was getting too big (also hence why there’s no ergo kit), so that’s why we started with red, white, and blue at first. They said if sales go well enough, that we can bring in the black, green, and purple too! Fingers crossed!

Lmk if you have any questions <3


You should be able to post links now :slight_smile:

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Thank you!! <3

Sadly, though, it was way too big. Which makes sense. It’s re-making the same caps 4 times for each modifier, and twice for each alpha! So, for the first run of the set, we’ll just be having white alphas, and red and blue modifiers . If that sells well, though, SP said that they’ll add in the other colors. Fingers crossed!

Oh man. I hope those other colors make it some day!