SP Star Magic Girl Switch Review

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Surprise! Rather than Scorecard Sunday I’ve decided to write up another full length review for you all to enjoy. (Don’t worry, there will still be another full length one at the normal time next week as well :flushed:) What better way to celebrate this magical surprise than a review of the now-delivering SP Star Magic Girl switches from TKC. You may want to know a bit about these before the extras drop…

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Article Link: SP Star Magic Girl Switch Review — ThereminGoat's Switches
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Hope you all enjoy this as it was a really fun time to finally get to dig into SP Star branded switches in this level of depth!



One thing I didn’t ascertain from the comparisons section was how the tactility fared vs. the SP Star Purple.

The sound was compared, but not directly the tactility. The MG switches are rated as being less-tactile than Kiwis, so that’s a solid benchmark. I always thought Star Purple was almost as tactile as Kiwi, so does that make MG similar to Star Purple?

This would make sense, if MG is a recolour of Star Purple.

SP Star Purple is still more tactile than I like, although it is great with hi-pro keycaps. It sounds as if the “Magic Girl” tactile is a move in a sensible direction - less gratuitious tactility and no obnoxious sounds. Now only if they could keep moving in this direction…

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Re-read the review 3 times.

It seems SP Star has hit upon something special here, using quieter housing material, quieter springs, and a better factory-lube.

If they could build something like Durock Medium Tactile/ Light Tactile, or better-yet, their own SP Star Meteor Orange, with these characteristics, it would be amazing. Especially if they could get the wobble down.


Re-read the review 3 times.

Dude, I don’t even read them three times and I count writing it as one of those times… :flushed:


Yeah, I just wanted to be sure I didn’t miss anything regarding the tactility of Magic Girl as opposed to SP Star Purple.

Seems like Magic Girl is a somewhat tamed T1-type switch, like Star Purple.

Apparently, according to a post on Reddit, Magic Girl extras are now available for purchase:

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I am a big fan of those switches. Saw them at a local vendor and decided to get them to try out after confirming from the TherminGoat’s review that they are decent. Lubed them Gazzew-style (donut-dipping the spring and lubing the part of the bottom housing that touches the rails; not lubing anything else) and they feel real great! After lubing bottom out feels much smoothing and, in my opinion, just overall nicer.

One thing that I don’t quite understand – in thier graphics it seems like that tactile bump is almost halfway the whole travel of the switch. But in really it feels like the tactile bump starts pretty much almost at the beginning. Am I misunderstanding the graphic and ThermineGoat’s comments?


Thanka for the hint on lubing. I guess I skipped a lot of parts of the goats review on them. I ought to read it again. I’ll try the lubing method after I decide which board to put them in.


I feel the bump right at the top as well.