SP Star Meteor Orange

I encountered a problem yesterday with my spacebar, sometimes it gets stuck halfway up. So I tried changing to a stock Meteor Orange and it still did it. Finally I tried spring swapping with my Huano Holy Toms which had a spring similar if almost the same as that two sectioned spring. It gave a better feeling and response too! Also, the problem with the switch in the spacebar getting stuck was resolved. Will try to swap them all out once the two sectioned springs come and experiment with heavier springs next time.

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I now have an HMKB with Cherry-topped Meteor Oranges [1.0].

So far, it is like typing on sharper, lighter MX Browns. They aren’t quite MX Browns, as they are half-way between modern Browns and Ergo Clears.

It is very easy to type quickly and in a rolling manner with them. Mine are stock 57-58.5 G springs [lubed] using Cherry top-housings. Switch is lubed with 3204 in strategic points, where the factory didn’t lube enough.

The sound is a little higher-pitched than stock MX Browns that use DCS-profile keycaps. It may be because of the ABS JTK keycaps that you see in the photo. Sound is fine, though it would be better if lower-pitched like Cherry. This is the weak-point of non-Cherry manufacturers: if the housings used Cherry plastic in their construction, this would be a better-sounding switch.

[On the plus side, the SP Star housing and stem are less-scratchy than most Cherry.]

It is easier to switch between the SP Star Meteor Orange 1.0 and MX Browns than it is with Gateron CAP Browns and MX Browns. CAP Browns are almost Ergo-Clear in intensity. So you are likely to hammer the MX Browns after typing on CAP Browns. Less so with Meteor Orange 1.0.

Based on these results, I am tempted to have a full-size with Meteor Orange 1.5 [since I have some]. Although that would be an expensive proposition.


Interesting update:

After typing on the Meteor Orange 1.0 for several days, my other ‘Browns’ feel strange.

MX Browns and Everglide Jade Green feel “sluggish,” like treacle, in comparison to Orange. Meteor Orange has made MX Brown feel comparatively like the thicker AULA/Leobog Matcha Green-Axis tactiles.

So Meteor Orange are more like ‘picks’ in feel. At least the way mine are lubed. Sharp, near-linears. Slightly lighter and easier to depress. Feels like there’s extra weight with the non-Meteor Browns. Resistance. Friction.

The differences are minor, but they are there. So if you’re looking for a slightly sharper, easier-to-depress switch than MX Brown, I guess this is a contender.

[It might just be that the race-to-bottom is faster after the Orange’s tactile bump, and the initial tactile barrier being crisper.]

I might have to give these a try since the KTT Mallos have grown on me. The two switches sound like they are right in the same realm, but the bump on the Meteor leans ever so slightly towards Clear style.

Force graphs seem to say as much as well: Mallo and Meteor

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I have to agree.

I have TKLs with both Mallos and Meteors.

The Mallos are softer. They feel like ‘softer Browns.’

Whereas the Meteors feel like ‘tiny Ergo Clears.’

If you imagine MX Brown as a Meteor Orange with a slightly heavier, grittier spring [and rounder, less-defined tactile bump], then it starts to make sense. Almost as if Meteor Orange are ‘Ergo Browns.’

Not sure if Meteor Orange 1.5 is different from 1.0. Haven’t really tested them thoroughly.

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Yes! I’ve been promoting them for over a year now, love them. :ok_hand:

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Reached out to Divinikey since I think I am gonna pick some up soon, sounds like the color difference is the only change :+1:

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Let me know how it goes, if there is any difference with 1.0!

I think 1.5 may be a little less scratchy / noisy, but maybe that’s just batch variance.

Lol. I meant to say it as, Divinikey stated color was the only change. Already heard back when I originally posted. I know you were talking previously about testing, just figured I would fill you in :smiley:

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