Space Trek

This is Space Trek, my second project, which is being make. Some kind of Back to the future feeling. Structure close to Vintage 80s, top and bottom cover, double layer, top mount positioning plate. The PCB is fully customize with QMK. Left hand side got F1-F5, which is choicable by change the top plate, pcb support 60keys to 73keys, user can choose what they like. Prototype should be done by end of this month. Personally I really like this design myself, but I really like to hear some comments on this, so I can improve it.

I’m new to the forum, and I hope that you will like my post, and this is my pleasure to meet everyone here. Thank you so much to read my post! Hope will get your feedback soon.


Yes, this looks like something for me. :drooling_face:

U have more pics?

That looks good!
What colors you planning on this?
Or it’s the same as the render, cause that looks dope.

the prototype is being make, as im new to the forum, it only allows me to post one picture. but i will post more pic as soon as i get the prototype, thank you so much for your conment

i am planning to make 24 different combination. At the moment I’m trying to invent a new color, hopefully it works

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Looking forward to more colors (maybe a black and gold?) and angles!

the black series actually have black good, black pink, metallic grey with black cover

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Get me some images then my good person, don’t just leave it to my imagination. :slight_smile:

I want one in NES colors. =)

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This time I make 24 prototype with 24 different color combination, will post all the photo once it come out.

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Will post the different color once the prototype come out, thank you for your interest!

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KAM Wraith would probably look good on this one.