Spacebar not working

Was lucky enough to get an NK65v2 entry edition, however the spacebar doesn’t work (all other keys are fine). Tried different switches, made sure pins are straight, checked kailh socket, but can’t get spacebar to register. Any ideas? Awaiting NovelKeys customer support to get back to me, but in the meantime does anyone have any ideas? Is it probably just a bad PCB?

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If u use a tweezer to bridge the socket, do it work then?

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It is unusual for a PCB from the factory to have a bad trace so the most likely culprit is the diode for that key. The little tiny rectangle part next to each key switch. They are small and often fall off in transport, or need a dab of solder on each end.

Even jumping the switch as ISOxSwap suggested requires soldering, so unless you can solder you will likely have to wait for NK to send a replacement PCB.