Spacebar Padding Mod: Improves Cheap Spacebar Sound and Feel

While I enjoy Cubic profile, it’s on the thin side and spacebar is where the downsides of thin keycaps come out in full force: high pitched rattly cheap plastic sound and hollow feel.

I had some 5mm thick Sorbothane sheets around so I cut up two pieces sized to fit in two empty areas inside the spacebar keycap then [crazy-]glued them on.

YMMV but expected effect of this mod are:

  • lower pitch sound
  • cleaner sound profile (less rattle)
  • more solid feel.

I liked the result so much that I may try this with other keycaps also, starting with longer keycaps first.

WARNING: Sorbothane is sticky and crazy-glue part may cause irreversible damage so just try without the glue first.


I have a Cubic set on an old QFR and the spacebar sounds like a cannon when pressing. I was thinking about securing some spare neoprene with double sided tape. I’m glad you saw results.

Would love a sound sample at some point! Before and after would be awesome. Considering defacing one of my GMK sets to see if I like it but a sound comparison might help me make my decision.