Spacebar sounds quieter on one side

Hi, just had something I wanted to share and hopefully get some help with.
My spacebar sounds quieter on one side than the other when pressed. It’s like the right side isn’t bottoming out as loud or something and I would like if both sides sounded like the left or at least sounded uniform.

I made sure the stabilizer wires were balanced and more than enough lube was applied to the stabilizers when I built the keyboard.
Keyboard is Freebird TKL
Stabilizers are TX Stabs R3
Switches are SP Star Meteor White

Attached is a video to hopefully illustrate what I mean.

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Funnily enough this issue doesn’t seem to happen when I use a long-pole switch on the spacebar (e.g novelkeys cream, Durock POM, etc)

Try this:

Use a small square of telfon tape or other thin plastic (like saran wrap) on the stabilizer stems. When you install the space bar, try to only push down on the center where the switch is. Then retry the sound test.

Other than that, is there foam between the plate and PCB? Is it possible there is sound dampening on the right side but not the left?

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In my board, the TX stabs wouldn’t insert all the way into the space bar unless I’m pressing firmly on both sides.

Just make sure you’re not applying too much pressure on one side or you might pop the wire.

Also I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to sound like the right side, with the left side bottoming out on the stab stem instead of the switch.

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ill try your suggestion and update here again.

As for the foam, there is none between the plate and pcb. There is only a silicone dampener between the pcb and bottom case. However, this issue with the spacebar persists even without the dampener so I doubt that is the cause.

I’ve pushed down as hard as I can on the spacebar but nothing changes.

As for the sound, i’m not too sure myself. But if that were to be the case, what do you suggest I do?

You may need to balance your wire…

I may have missed it but you could try a different spacebar if you have one - just to rule out that the issue is not with the spacebar itself

False alarm, I think the spacebar keycap is either warped or just thicker/thinner on one side compared to the other as the same thing happens when I flip the spacebar but on the opposite side. Thanks for the all the help and suggestions.