Spacebar stuck on bottom out - need help

Hello guys!
I am new here and I am just starting out with this wonderful hobby. I have just recently recieved my Anne Pro 2 which i consider a great entry keeb. I am planning to mod it soon but I have already got my keycaps. They are a simple beige and grey set from KPRep. I wanted to go for a retro look so they seemed a great option for my budget. However, I have stumbled upon a problem of a sunk spacebard with the custom one (the stock one works perfectly fine). I tried googling for a solution but just nothing seemed relevant to my case.
My guess is that it is a matter of either bad stabs or warped (?) spacebard, though I am not sure what the second one means.
Would you guys be kind enough to propose some king of solution?
Here are some pics:

CUSTOM (sunk in):

check the measurement between two outer mounts

it should be 100mm.
in your case, your custom spacebar may have that measurement less than 100mm… you should get a replacement.
(in the past I encountered a case similar too, the said measurement of my spacebar is 99mm)

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Yeah It seems you are right. Is this a production flaw or a feature? If it is a production flaw i should contact kpr and get a free replacement, right?

yes it’s a flaw (related to the “warping” issue of the material), you should contact KPR and get a free replacement (make sure you explain the issue clearly so they won’t send you a flawed replacement)


Alright, that’s that I’ll do. Thanks for the help! :smile: