Split keyboard design ideas

Hi! I just started to design my own split keyboard due to budget and personal interest, I want to gather some ideas to improve my design for the next iteration. The keyboard I’m working on is a mix between Redox keyboard and Moonlander, 3D printed and handwired (I do plan to make PCB later when I’m happy with the case design). I hope that when the design matures, I will be pleased to open source it (it is a bit messy now, still modifying a lot of things). Here are some questions:

  1. Is it possible to add a bezel to this keyboard? It seems that the joint part between the thumb cluster and the main body will be a bit too narrow and hard to add a bezel. If I continue to use a bezel-less design, is it possible to design something that can protect the keyboard when I put it inside my backpack?
  2. Is there any 3D printing material recommendation? I’m using PLA but I’m want to try something else if that can give a better sound.
  3. General aesthetic comments, e.g. color, postprocessing to the 3D print. I’m really bad at art…

Here are some pictures of my prototype (sorry due to new user restriction I can only post 1 picture):