Split or ergo Topre boards?

Are the caps on that thing any different then regular topre caps?

Manofinterests got it. He had it in a youtube video somewhere but forgot where…

Maybe I’m optimistic, but with Gondolindrim taking the task of making some Topre pcbs, I think it is possible that something comes into existence on the next few years. I say years because I think the plan is to make replacement pcbs for already existing boards first, but I’m particularly really hopeful for custom topre boards.



I think you’re right, in the next few years we’ll start to see some. I looked into what you actually need for a topre PCB at some point, and it’s really not that complicated/hard to do. What really is going to need to be standardized is the slider housing piece that goes into the plate, and the springs. There are already domes and sliders available, but those two pieces are missing. Someone will just need to pony up for molds for those two, and then you can get keyclack domes, kbdfans slider, laser cut plate, pcb, and whatever case and boom topre

Yes that is something I am dreaming about too like 2 years ago :slight_smile:

A split wireless topre board, with a 60% something layout and cool mx sliders to fit those nice keycaps :slight_smile:

At this point you can use niz 2019 sliders and housings. They have low wobble in their housings, come silenced and they are smooth. Add a plate, custom pcb and case and you are ready to rock ! As for stabs, you can use cherry or costar, but at this point you could add screw in stabs like durock in the custom pcb when it’s made.

Check out this area : https://www.nizkeyboard.com/collections/groups-1