Split spacebar help?

Hi there! So I’ve only built one keyboard before but I’m really excited for my next and I think I want to do a Bakeneko65- but with a twist. I’ve been looking at 40% candybars and stuff and I kind of want a split spacebar. Any idea how I could do that? My main concern is the pcb since I can always chop up the plate for the stabs to fit but the switches actually need to work… Anyone know anything?

I am not familiar with that particular keyboard. But according to the supported layouts are on cannonKeys split spacebar is not an option.

You would need to find or make a compatible pcb.

I know for example that the space65 supports split spacebars so u just need to find the right pcb that supports daughter boards

On tricky issue is that the Bakeneko PCB has a cut-out of the blocker (since the board is friction fit you just press the board down into the case rather than screw it to the top or something like that).

So you’ll need to find a PCB that supports:

  1. Split Spacebar
  2. Daughter-board
  3. Blocker gap removed from the PCB