Spring Swapping on Tealios Switches

So I’m in the process of designing my (first) endgame board after messing around with a couple of budget builds, and I’ve locked in on some Tealios switches, however, I feel like I am still bottoming out pretty forcibly with the stock springs. If I were to jump from the 67g springs to some 78g springs, would that make a significant difference in the stiffness of the keys? On the other side of the spectrum, would spring swapping take away a big chunk of what makes Tealios switches so sought after?


78g springs will feel decently heavier than 67g ones. You really don’t stand to lose anything feelwise from the Tealios by spring swapping either. While spring weighting can effect how the tactile event of a tactile or clicky switch feels, there isn’t the same concern with linear switches IME. Although personally I feel like lighter springs really compliment a nice smooth linear switch.


I’m not sure which version you have but Tealios v2’s 67g spring feels closer to 62g than 67g in other switches and separately sold springs. It’s also bouncier than other 62g which I like.

And there is no guarantee that heavier spring will help you avoid bottoming out. In my case, lighter spring makes me type less hard and heavier spring makes me pound on the keyboard.

My recommendation: get some springs and experiment before proceeding.