SPRiT Acrylic Case: $200 shipping

I wanted to build an all acrylic 60% board with a thick acrylic plate. Case itself costs reasonable $65 but shipping is $200 which is ridiculous.

“Due to our limited capacity to respond to all the individual orders”

Yup, that’s SPRiT in a nutshell


What the hell? I’m sorry but I feel like if you cant handle the number of orders that you’re getting you probably should either limit the number of orders or just say “hey due to the amount of orders it might take a bit longer to process the order”

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“Hi, we don’t want any individual customers, but if you’re willing to pay an egregious amount, we’ll consider taking your order. Don’t expect any customer service though and be grateful we even sent a confirmation email. Wishing you the worst, SPRiT”

I mean, on the one hand, I actually can sort of see the logic behind this if you’re setup for wholesale operations. Dealing with individual orders isn’t how you’re setup, but at least set your minimum order quantities to reflect that. Otherwise, create a vendor access site where you setup a vendor with their own account and don’t allow individual consumers.

I recently purchased some jars for storing switches. The OEM of the jars were more than willing to do business with me online so long as I was comfortable ordering an entire pallet of jars at a time.



It’s unfortunate that he ran out of NOS SKCL Yellow Alps otherwise we could have combined our orders.

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Buying from Sprit


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Turns out they’re charging $200 shipping for any order below $250, even a bag of springs. So they’re now a wholesale only business although they’re going about it in a way that pisses off retail customers.