SPs production times

Is there someone here that have a proper answer to why SP can produce DSS faster than SA?

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I bet it’s that they have a limited number of production machines and molds for SA and DSS but many fewer DSS orders


Nah, I don’t buy that since SP already have so few machines. And it’s the same machines they use but with different tooling.

It probably is the molds/tooling. They have 28 injection machines, but they may not have enough molds to run all 28 on SA at once.

The dye sub machines are separate and they have 4 of those.

They probably also favor large orders from big buyers like Drop and everyone else has to be scheduled around them.

Yes, and that just makes me wonder more why DSS is going faster.

If they have enough SA molds to run 20 machines at a time, they would have 8 machines sitting idle. DCS and DSS are great to fill that idle capacity.

The batches are smaller too, the latest couple of DSS/DCS sets have been very low numbers compared to GMK or SP SA.

I understand what you mean but I just don’t believe that’s it. :upside_down_face:

What is your theory? SP doesn’t like making money?

They also make the SP keycaps for Ducky and Filco boards. Way larger orders than small group buys.

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Didn’t realize they made the Ducky ones (or that Ducky had SA at all).

that means that SP provides:

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Maybe I was wrong about Ducky those don’t look like SP molds. For some reason I thought Filco and Ducky were related.

They do make all these SA sets for Filco:

Per an actual discussion with Melissa about this, the tooling and machines are limited enough that they end up causing caps to be organized into dissimilar production queues. SA is in one queue. DCS is in another. DSA & DSS share a queue. They may not be able to produce as many SA sets simultaneously as they’d like, but they can run an SA production concurrent with another profile like DSS.

There’s no big secret here.