Hi everyone,
i recently build my first custom keyboard based on the HK- Gaming x Durgod Galaxy 75% with Gateron Clears, which are lubed with Krytox 205G. Since my stabs are rattleing i wanted to buy some new stabs.
First Question can I use screw in stabs without screwing them in? and which stabs should i get?

Appreciate support

I reckon no.Your board seems to have plate mount stabs. So the plate would be in the way of screw ins.

What you can mod with these:

The wire itself, the housings, you can clip the stabs and you can band aid mod.

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I already did those mods but the ratleing is still there

You might try the “holee” or “espi” mods - basically putting very thin cloth or foam inside the stab parts to stop the rattling. There are some good tutorial videos on youtube about both mods.


Check out 3ildcat on youtube… he does some great work with plate mount stabs.


For plate mount stabs, consider the following:

  1. Clip and lube the stock stabilizers -> use Krytox 205g0, dielectric grease etc
  2. Straighten your stabilizer wires -> tedious but worth it
  3. If the stabilizer cut-outs are loose, try adding some bandaid or medical tape to create a tighter fit
  4. If you’ve got the resources, consider replacing your stock stabilizer with Everglide Panda plate mount stabilizers -> I’m using them at the moment, and there’s a significant difference