Staebies vs tx for plateless build

Both are identical in price where I’m from. PCB of my board is 1.6mm. TX are clip-in, staebis are screw-in. There’s this video where Andy had issues with clip-in for plateless build (start at 7:00 mark) The King of Flexible Keyboards Has Returned - YouTube

Does anyone have first hand experience with either on the plateless build? I am probbly going for a long pole tactile switch too.

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I’d go with TX as they are pretty much dialed in at this point, while with Staebies last I heard they are still making revisions to get them just right. I wouldn’t worry about Andy’s video, the fact he needed to use holee modded durocks to kinda fix the issue tells me the issue is elsewhere. Maybe the spacing for the stab cutouts on the PCB, maybe they were not fully clipped in, could be a million things TBH. What I do know for sure is that a ton of OEM boards run plateless & use clip in stabs. It was & is still the standard for Cherry’s mechanical boards. I highly doubt it would have stuck around so long if there was potential issues with clip in stabs being run on a plateless build. Taking all that in to consideration I’d personally go with TX & that’s what I’d also recommend.