Staff: Is there a way to delete your account or access offered by the website?

I need to disengage from this a bit haha, I have a bit a problem since I’ll be homeless if I’m not able to manage impulse control effectively - this will hopefully be able to act as part of that disconnect from my addiction to shopping. If there are super users please reply to this showing me how to deactivate this account or something along those lines because I can’t find how right now and maybe it’s a good idea to have that option available in plain view for this sort of thing. Interesting stuff but I think it’s a cool idea. Hopefully it’s my last post, so cheers

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While I am not sure about how to deactivate or close out your account here you can go into the settings & disable all notifications. Sorry to see a fellow enthusiast have to leave, but I do commend you for recognizing you have a spending issue with the hobby & trying to get out ahead of it. Hope you can get it sorted out & find your way back to the hobby sooner than later!


Yeah, the best bet is just to disable notifications. I often do that when I start void walking on the budgetary line.