Star Trek Captains, the Great Debate


Interesting article to read about that topic


As a casual Star Trek fan at best, I pick Janeway for everything because Janeway is best way.


Honestly, Picard for all of them. Emphatically, without hesitation.

Picard also has one of my favorite quotes, because it’s so real. And it a lesson that everyone should learn.

“It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness. That is life.”


Yeah, but Babylon 5 did it better.



No need to duck!

I loved that show, such a missed chance to tell a lot more stories and to expand that universe.
Still pissed for the bad told ending, way to short and Years later The Lost Tales, still questions unanswered.


I know Babylon 5 only by name, AFAIK it never was broadcasted here in Brazil.


Yes, but my point/trolling is that the reason that DS9 felt so jarring and didn’t mesh into the Star Trek universe is that DS9’s plot was directly lifted from Babylon 5. To the point that in one of the late episodes of DS9, there is an in universe reference to that fact.

I’m sorry to hear that! It’s a great series, and worth finding and watching. Though, the production values weren’t great, especially at first.


Made a small research. B5 were never broadcasted on open air TV down here. On cable TV it appeared on Warner channel, that transmitted it just ONCE, no reprises. All that in the late 90’s, when we still didn’t had cable TV at home (it was too expensive for us at the time).


questions 1 through 6 no question Picard
question 7 Janeway - maybe she could be persuade to improve her career prospects the old fashioned way


I would answer Janeway to all except to #4. which I would say Picard

  1. Captain Picard
  2. Captain Picard
  3. Captain Janeway
  4. Captain Picard
  5. Captain Kirk
  6. Captain Janeway
  7. Captain Kirk


30 replies and no one wants to hang out with Archer for anything. Poor Archer



I think most people want to forget that Enterprise was even a thing. Rightfully so, since it was all a holodrama anyways.



Wait what…

I hope it’s not just some short cameo in a new movie.

But it probably is.

We want The Next Next Generation dammnit. DO YOU HEAR ME PATRICK :slams fist on the table:

The only thing I’m afraid is that he might die on a set, he’s 78 LOL

Well, fuck me…


All Hail Admiral Picard! (Seriously, at this age he must be Admiral by now.)


Patrick is a great actor, I would recommend everyone to see “Logan” from 2017, his latest live action movie.

However, as much as I’d like to see him once again (especially in ST universe), I honestly can’t comprehend how can 78 year old man endure hundreds of hours on set without dying.


I would like to introduce you to Sir Ian McKellen


I know, but bear in mind two things.

  • McKellen didn’t sign for seven seasons of anything. In most of his latest movies he’s barely present on screen. And even when he is…

  • He plays the role of someone who’s supposed to be old and worn out like Gandalf and such. Not a Starfleet commander.

Still… who knows. I’ve seen 96 year old man playing football with teenage boys. Maybe Patrick is that kind of a man.


Good points. Sir Patrick is a fairly robust man, too :slight_smile: