Star wars!



The force is strong in this one…


Triple shot enter key…?


Nah… most likely 2 color dye sub.


Yeah. There’s no way they’d be making these into actual doubleshot legends. But at least that means it could be PBT too for all those who prefer it.


I know I’m pretty excited about it. :slight_smile:


When will there be an official announcement/post?


Soon. :slight_smile:


More Star Wars!


I bet they sell about a zillion of those.


Put these on the HBCP for best board in the galaxy?



More like Fart Wars.


Damn that’s a high price though! I ordered a set of Matt3o’s Nerd DSA with extras for $85 (basically everything this set will have without numpad coverage) when it was on MD a few months back. I figured there would be a “Star Wars tax” associated with this set, but an extra $165 is pretty steep. :cold_sweat:


Excited for the product. Upset about the price. Is this what the balance of the force is all about? Time to prioritize I guess.


It’s not a Star Wars tax. This is officially licensed. This means a couple things. Typically, the licensor will require at least a sample to evaluate on their own to ensure it is not substandard. It also means licensing fees. I don’t know how it works with Disney and their brands - I know that in the automotive world, official licensing from the big 3 typically runs 8-10%.

In short - there’s extra logistical costs and extra financial costs for official licensed products. And licensing isn’t just a way for big brands to profit off of someone else’s work - it exists to protect that brand’s image. People have a certain expectation for Disney’s Star Wars brand and it’s in Disney’s best interest to inspect any product claiming to be “Star Wars” to ensure that it represents that brand in the best way possible.


Thanks for the in depth explanation, but the fact that it is officially licensed & subject to the associated fees is pretty much what I meant by “Stars Wars tax”. I just wasn’t expecting this set to be that much more expensive than similar sets because of the licensing.


To be totally honest $250 seems about $100 too high for this. As a fairly hardcore Star Wars collector, I understand about licensing fees more than the average person, but still. I’ll probably have to get it since it dovetails with my interests so well (and it does look pretty good!) but I’m not happy about the price. I will definitely get full Aurebesh if I do get it.

Side question: Has anything resembling a real-world keyboard ever been shown in a Star Wars movie?


Still better than Solo: A Star Wars Story :woman_shrugging:


You have no idea how sad that makes me :frowning: I loved A.C. Crispin’s Han Solo trilogy… but Disney decided that root and branch the expanded universe had to be purged.

I used to be a star wars fan… now I’m a fan of a collection of novels that are just excellently written (and at one time licensed) fan fiction.

Sorry… off topic :frowning: