Suggest a tactile clicky switch please

Hi! I’m looking for a mainstream (ez2buy) switch with the deepest (thickest) click (thunk)? Is it just Box Jade/Navy or there are [better] options?

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Box jade is one of the best switches out.

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Good to hear, thanks! I just thought to check my options before ordering.

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The most tactile clicky switches I know of are, of course, BOX Jade and Navy. I massively prefer the Jades to the Navies, because the Jades’ weighting just about hits the sweet spot. My personal favorite clicky switch ever is the Matias White Clicky switches, but as they’re ALPS-style and the premade boards they come in are either failure-prone or overpriced, I can’t really in good conscience recommend them. Any of the BOX clickbar switches are great, whether they’re the White/Pale Blue, Pink, or Navy/Jade. So long as you’re using the retooled variants, there’s no reason not to go for em!

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I’ll throw my recommendation behind Kaihl BOX clicky switches also. Even the least tactile, lightest weighted one (BOX white) blows any other MX clicky switch away in both tactility & sound. Although for the deepest click I’d say BOX Navy or Jade depending on your weighting preference. To go even crazier Spirit sells even thicker clickbars than the Navy/Jades come with, but I think you may run into the switches catching on the upstroke with them unless you put a very heavy spring in as well. Also Spirit ran a pretty big scam in the community back in the day so he really shouldn’t be supported.


Jade it is then, since Navy might be too heavy for me too. What do you mean by retooled though? Is stock not good enough?

Older versions of BOX switches (the ones not currently on sale) had a larger stem, and certain types of keycaps could be cracked or stretched by them. The new tooling for the stems is used for all of the new switches that are sold, only the ones that explicitly say that they’re the old version have the cracking stems


Oh, I see. Shouldnt be a problem for a new order.

I have a Tada68 with Navies. Great switches.

I have two boards, one with jades and one with navies, I much prefer the jades, I find the navies to be fatiguing after a lot of use.

I know navies are a bit heavy for some, but I have been using both box and speed navies for over a year, and I love them. Great audible and feeling clicky switch. My favorite by far.

The first time I saw this typing video w/ the Jade, I immediately fell in love w/ it. But I have been wondering does anyone know what kind of switch, if any, can be considered a silent Jade?

Well, Jades are out of stock, so I’m gonna have to risk it with Navies.

Im not sure how a ‘silent clickbar’ switch would work. That click bar is what makes the jade the switch it is, otherwise, it would just be a box white/mx blue equivalent. If you like the feel of the jade, but want to mute the sound, maybe sorbathane in the case, or epoxy in the switches to dampen the noise/reverberation? Other than that, I’ve got nothing. Jades are made for that t h i c c click.

Edit: if you feel really bold and want to experiment, you could try coating the click bar itself with some liquid rubber. You’d probably need to find some sort of thin variation of it so the click bar can be resat properly and function as intended. Probably a long shot, but if you want to try it in the name of science, i’d love to see what happens.

I’m looking forward to trying Outemu silent tactiles in Cherry housings. Sample I tried in a Gateron housing was nice, and I am hoping that the Cherry housing will work since I have a lot of them.

The retooled version still has issues. Do as you please but you might want to avoid GMK’s on them since they seem to have the tightest fit with some reports floating around that they have messed up GMK caps. I also noticed how tight they are but I haven’t put them on a board yet so can’t confirm. I’ll use a cheaper set on them anyway.