Suggestion for stylesheet changes

So, I’m loving the stylebot Chrome extension. This is my current view for all Keebtalk, and I’m thinking others would go for something along these lines as well

Please consider some better styling as pictured below:


MY EYES! :smiley:


Yeah, it can be a bit harsh on the eyes, so I put some blinking elements in there too to help you focus on what’s important. Hard to tell from the static shot though…


Thank you pixelpusher, very cool!

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lol. was Dora the explorer your inspiration? Or was it Yikes! pencils?

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Hey man, I don’t know how to get cool keyboards manufactured, but I know how to comic sans with passion. I do what I can for the community

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Dora, for sure. Now to get an IC going for the GMK set to match!


Oh god…This is uh… something intense.

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Thanks, man. Speaking of you… when am I going to get some updoots on the weekly newz?

Geocities? Is that you?

Reminds me of this:

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oh man, yes. Geocities was the pinnacle of style. We’ve only gone downhill from there.


this is what i like


Now we just need to convince GMK or EPBT to put comic sans or papyrus on their caps and do cherry profile Geocities caps.

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I mean… I would totally buy a comic sans set. I’m pretty sure others would too. In fact, I think it’s brilliant. Not papyrus. Papyrus is truly hideous and should never be used again on the planet Earth.

Haha. I think that’s why it would be good as the Geocities meme set. I remember it being used heavily on geocities and it was bad, but I feel it represents the essence of Geocities.

Hell, it would be fun to do text mods with papyrus and then do the alphas as comic sans.

Can we host on Angelfire or Geocities?

edit I promise I posted this reply before reading the other Geocities references :joy:

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Only if we get some javascript that will make it accessible to Netscape Navigator. Keep in mind, you have to allocate memory on the machine to load and run the script, right?

Just so you know, Stylebot records every website you visit and sends it back to the developers. It was just removed from the Firefox repository.

I recommend Stylus, an alternative that works basically the same but without phoning home.

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