Suggestions for a plastic travel keyboard (ideally wireless)?

I have an extended trip coming up next year, and I’d like to put together something relatively light and sturdy that I could take with me. Most of my boards are either made of metal or are too large to easily fit in a backpack, so I figured this was as good an excuse as any to build/buy a new board. I do already have two plastic wireless boards (Filco Minila Air and Vortex Tab 75) that probably could be used for this if I’m honest, but I just wanted to see what other options there were.

My main requirements are that it be a 60% or 65% with silent switches of some kind. I have used the DZ60 for several builds and have a layout that I really like for it, so that’s one possibility, but I feel like the plastic cases KBDFans has for it are kind of cheap feeling, and of course it’s not wireless. Are there nicer quality plastic cases available for the DZ60? Or other suggestions? I’m all ears.

The first thing that comes to mind would be the wireless hhkb and you’d silence it, or the normal hhkb with the wireless mod. If that’s too expensive, which it probably is, there are plenty of wireless 60%s on amazon. If you just don’t like it, there are a few wireless 60% PCBs on KBDFans that you could put silent switches on. IDK how there could be any other options besides that.

The HHKB Hybrid is coming up soon!

My trip is actually to Japan, so the HHKB Hybrid might be an option. It’s more than I had planned to spend though. Hmm…

I picked up a hot swap GK61 with Bluetooth, for switch testing. I’ve not messed with the configurator software, as I’ve heard it can be a pain, but the board its self is sturdy, came with lubed stabs, and can connect to / paired with 4 devices simultaneously (3BT and 1USB).