Suggestions on how to stabilize the larger keys on a DIY 60% ALPS build?

So here’s my issue, I got a universal 60% plate from the Panc store (excellent stainless plates with awesome finishes at a reasonable price, I highly recommend buying from him!) that has compatibility with ALPS SKCM switches. I want to use this plate for my next SCKM orange build. but will have to figure out a way to stabilize the shift keys & return keys (plan on going split backspace).

So the spacebar will be easy as the Tai-Hao red Dolch ALPS set is what I’m leaning towards for caps & space bars for those sets use cherry style stabilizers. The shifts & return are another matter though. The plate only supports PCB mount stabilizers, but I have found that it will fit the larger co-star plate mount clips. Which lead me to my next issue, ALPS stab wires will not clear the switches where they come across it.

I’m thinking I got two options to remedy that, either buy costar stabilizer wires that have the bend in the middle or get the same diameter wire & bend some by myself. Not sure what would work better between those two or if there is another option I’m over looking. So I figured I’d better ask those you who are more experienced in custom ALPS builds to see if my two ideas for the wires are viable & if there is a simpler option I’m overlooking.

Any input would be highly appreciated as I’m pretty much hell bent on making this build work with those SKCM oranges I got (they have quickly became my second favorite switch behind SKCM browns, but good luck finding a reasonably priced batch of browns with enough to fill my desired layout). Anyways thanks for reading & thanks in advance for any helpful input! :wink: :metal:

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Bending wire sucks I have a wire bender for the task but it still sucks. Also hard to get the right gauge wire. My local hobby shop only stocks thinner and thicker.

If you can make costar work, I would go that route.

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I think I can make costar work as long as I can find 2u wires that have the bend in the middle to go around the switch. The plate mount clip ins fit the plate everywhere & almost work with the ALPS wires, they clip in & hold well. Unfortunately once the switch is installed the middle of the wire gets pushed out some by it & unclips from one side or the other every time the key is pressed. Flipping them to north facing makes the situation even worse.

Anyways thanks for the advice about trying to bend your own stabilizer wires. Looks like I’m off to see if I can find somewhere that sells 2u costar wires with the bend in the middle.

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