[Survey] What's the Keebmunity like? Share your layout, material, price, etc. preferences

Hey, some fellow makers are trying to get a feel of what people have and what they want. It’s just a brief survey on what your keeb preferences are.

I know I join a lot of GBs just because and I found it interesting to have to focus on what I like and where I would have started in the quest for endgame if I had known what I would like back then.

It’s not related to any projects or market research, but it would be great to get a broader understanding of the community.


I think this is great, will the results be published afterwards?


Hawking this everywhere will be really interesting - get a better idea of the demographics we’re actually dealing with here. Maybe do site-specific copies so you can understand the specific communities better?


I believe so! I will double check and update if that is not the case

No option for both cherry variant and topre?

Just select other & type in that you use MX & Topre, at least that’s what I did cause I rotate through boards containing MX, ALPS, & Topre switches pretty regularly.

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I think that would actually be really interesting, I would guess here and geekhack are not too different, but I’d be willing to guess reddit would be quite different.

$1000+ board number is much higher than I was thinking it would be. Really cool idea and kudos for actually implementing the cool idea.

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Isn’t topre controlled? So there wouldn’t be any community boards for topre switches?

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Not exactly. Topre is neither here nor there with community boards, since you always need to get the stock off-the-shelf board first, and then aftermarket parts; i.e. Norbauer cases, BKE redux domes, etc.

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One thing which annoys me a lot with the keyboard community is that they use Google Docs and Google Forms a lot—despite severe privacy issues. And they often even require a Google account to fill out the form, fostering Google’s monopoly even more.


That’s a very fair criticism - do you know of any alternative tools? I use GDocs for my own projects because it’s simply the most accessible tool that has simultaneous collaboration. If you do have alternatives, I’d love to hear them!

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Yeah, I try to avoid google as much as I can, but I don’t know any other service that lets you instantly make an anonymous form and puts the results into a regular spreadsheet for you. As far as I know the reason people will make ones that require you to log in are so that you can’t fill it out multiple times.


Very valid question. The answer is yes and no.

The only similar suite of online collaboration tools I know about (but have never used) is LibreOffice Online (LOOL), but it seems to be not yet ready for prime time. :neutral_face:

I though know alternatives to some of the more common components, namely date (or other simple) polls and collaborative plain text editors (not word processors).

I know quite some free (as in free speech) Doodle clones, the most prominent ones are dudle, du7f and Framadate. I run a dudle instance for the Swiss mech keeb scene and know the guy behind du7f personally.

For collaborated text editing I know Etherpad (plain text) and HackMD (Markdown). Both are often used for collaboratively writing meeting minutes in associations I’m active in.

For everything else I first check if Framasoft has some tool (and if it has documentation in other languages than French ;-), otherwise, I start to search at DuckDuckGo or look in the AlternativesTo directory.

Yes, and on the one hand I also understand that. On the other hand, I personally value my and my users privacy way more than I’d care about not getting duplicates. But then again, I don’t have to do feasibility calculations for projects which depend on such data in advance.

If you’re really that concerned about it can’t you just make a throwaway gmail for that sort of stuff? I don’t use gmail for my main email, but I have one just for when it’s required.

Is there any alternative that provides the same functionality? I’ve not seen one.

That would be against my principle to avoid Google wherever possible. And as I wrote before: It would just foster Google’s monopoly.