Switch consistency and leaf spring adjustments

Hi all,

I was building some Mint Pandas recently and noticed that some of the switches felt “too” tactile and some were almost linear like. I didn’t have much of this issue with Zilents but, I assume its because I pulled the leaf springs out when I ran the housings through the ultrasonic washer, which may have caused some of them to deviate outside of their normal shape profile.

Any of you also have similar experience with switch consistency? I ended up using some tweezers to tinker with the springs a bit and it seemed to fix some of the issues I was experiencing.

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Switch inconsistency is certainly a thing and “tuning” the leaf for optimal bump is exactly how to fix it. I haven’t ever bothered to adjust each and every leaf, but I’ve fixed a few that felt too linear to me.


I know that @mrpetrov has a method that he uses for adjusting leaves for some switches to make them more consistent. I cannot find the guide that was posted elsewhere while I am at work unfortunatly.


Here it is - if you have any questions let me know.

Note, this method is going to make your tactiles feel like linears, so it’s probably not going to be able to make your “light” tactiles feel “more” tactile, sadly.


I guess the one could apply the opposite method and try using a larger drill bit to expand the leaf section to make it more tactile.