Switch Films Before and After Typing Test, KBDFans T1 switches

This is a before and after comparison to see how the films affect the sound.

KBDFans T1 switches
TX Keyboards switch films
Sprit 60g “slow curve” springs (similar to Gateron yellow springs)
Christo Lube MCG 129 on the stems
Springs lubed with spray dielectric grease

EDIT: Updated video, fixed the mic gain to be the same on both videos!


Hi Walkerstop,

The difference in sound is really impressive!
Is lubing of spring and stem done both with and without film?

I’m really curious as I ordered transparent PC films recently for my next build.

Yeah the switches and springs are lubed in both the before and the after

I think films are really great for certain switches. I think you can pretty well determine whether your switches will benefit from the films by trying to wiggle the switch top while holding the switch bottom. If the switch top is able to wiggle around loosely a little bit, if it has some play in it, then switch films will most likely help.

These switches, KBDFans T1, have slightly loose switch tops so they benefit from films, as you can hear.

I’m kind of surprised how much quieter the switches sound now!

Thank you very much for your feedback!

To be honest I’ve recently received Zelios V2 and didn’t checked if their top was loose or not, I’ll have to test that when I will be back to home.
I know for sure that all previous Cherry switches I saw (Reds, Red Silents, Browns, Blues) have quite a lot of play and could benefit from filming.

For what it’s worth, the V2 Zilents I have don’t seem to have play in the switch top, it feels nice and tight without play. I’ve heard that all the v2 Zeal switches don’t have play in the tops.

Ok, this will be for another build then :wink:

I don’t mean to jerk you around but someone else on the Top Clack discord reported that he applied switch films to his V2 Tealios and noticed some difference. I wouldn’t have expected that.

So… I guess the only way to really be sure is to apply films to a couple and compare the sound and see if it’s enough to be worth it!


My next build will be a hot swap, it will be easy to test with and without film.

Now the question is, maybe the base of switch will move on the plate because it will be not soldered, ruining the film experience.
We’ll see.

This might be a little off-topic, but I think it might relate to whether I’d like to apply switch films or not: does anyone have a good recommendation for tweezers for switch-top opening on plates that support it? Some of my alphas are desperately needing to be relubed as they sat for too long.

Check out these switch top opening tools. They work great for opening switches in a plate that allows for it IME. :+1:

Guys I’m really sorry but I made a mistake, I had bumped the mic gain knob and accidentally turned it down a touch on the “after” video, so the video with switch films was made quieter.

I don’t think switch films really make your switches quieter, that was a mistake. They do make them sound “cleaner” (less small high pitched ticking sounds).

Here is the updated video:

Sorry about that!

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Haha I knew it was too good to be true but it is still “cleaner” sounding as you put it. Thanks for going back and fixing your video!

Was too good to be true :smiley:
Still less high piched than without so still interested to do the mod :wink: