Switch Films Explained

If you don’t really get what switch films are all about, this video will give you an introduction to how they work and how to install them, and show you a before and after example of how the switch can sound better with films!


Really nice video that does a lot to demonstrate the difference that switch films make!

My experience is the same. Film almost always improves the feel and sound although some more than others.

  • with Outemu and Gateron housings, including Zeals, helps a lot and easy to put on.
  • with Panda-family housings, not as much and difficult to put on, especially when legs on the top housing is bent.
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Do you think thicker plates might compensate for some of the housing wobble?

Thicker plate would only affect the bottom housing. Top housing will still give way a little when stem is pressed against the side. Film causes the top housing to press harder to the bottom housing, leaving less room to give.

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I saw these while browsing TX Keyboards just the other day and was wondering about them. Thank you for the informative and helpful video!

Wow! I’ve not seen a good comparison like this before and this really shows quite a difference in sound. Do you suggest switch films for most switches or how do you choose when to add them or not?


Excellent informative video. I need to get these :slight_smile:

I think a good rule of thumb to use to decide whether to use films or not is to just lightly wiggle the stem around with the switch mounted, and see if the switch top has play in it.

If the switch top is already tight and doesn’t move around with respect to the switch bottom, then you probably won’t get any benefit from the films. For example, some switches like Pandas tend to have tops that fit onto the bottoms very tightly so that they don’t wiggle at all, thus they don’t need films.

Something a few people have noticed is that some switches seem to have tight tops when they are new, but after being opened with a switch opener to lube the switch or swap the springs or whatever, then re-assembled, the top is no longer tight… It seems the teeth of the switch top can get stretched or bent a little so that the top no longer fits as tightly. Just something to keep in mind, the point being that you’ll want to check whether the switch tops are loose AFTER you do your lubing or spring swapping or whatever; you might not notice looseness before but it might be there after.


That’s a perfect response, thank you!

I had to message Kin cause right now TX doesn’t offer shipping to Canada for either switch film listing but I did find some elsewhere if I can’t get through them.

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I’m so glad you added a film to the d key before you stopped recording

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Great video btw. It seems like such a small thing that wouldn’t make that big a difference, but I found the same thing; switches sound and feel noticeably better after applying films.

Thanks for sharing! I just tried this on a switch and it also seems to increase the travel distance very slightly, which is a great addition :slight_smile: (though this would also mean the spring is ever so slightly lighter at the top of the press, because the spring is a bit longer at rest now)

Great video, Walker. Apparently, it caused a sudden spike in orders for Kin. Or at least he thinks so. Haha.


Haha nice

Quick side by side comparison (easier than watching the whole video and trying to remember the difference):

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I ordered a couple more switch films the other day, and the moment I saw Walker’s video, my first thought was “Wow great timing by me” lol

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I picked up 3 packs of 105 after seeing Walker’s video. It’s one area of switch modding I haven’t gotten into yet and seeing as I’m already lubing, this would only add a bit more time.

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If you have a good friend in the States, you can have it shipped to them and then they can ship it back to you.

I actually got it sorted out and of course it was an error on my part. Have some shipping my way now!