Switch openers


So I’ve seen @Manofinterests and @Quakemz use their aluminum switch openers on their show, and got interested. Searching for this tool, it seemed really hard to find, but I came across a bunch of stuff to open switches. I eventually found the tool they were using. I was searching for this online for an inordinate amount of time, and thought I’ll post links to the stuff I found.

First here the Kii-Boss Kii-Opener.

Here we have something similar, that can be 3d printed:

You an also buy it here

This one can work with switches that are already soldered.

Here is the switch cracker, it works on both cherry as well as Kailh BOX switches.



Just ordered the KiiOpener. Saw it somewhere before but didn’t know where they sold it. Thanks for the link.


The Kiiboss is fantastic and well worth the price!


these are a little janky but can get the job done. I have used them on cherry style, Kailh, and mounted cherry


I use that one from Shapeways. Definitely does the trick (used on 200+ switches already) but it struggles to hold onto Gateron switches tight enough to open them.


These look interesting. I’ve been prying open Kailh switches lately with the iFixit Jimmy tool (it’s a bit tricky, but it works).

These other tools look interesting though, I’ll have to check them out.


the shapeway opener is mids, it works but just barely its kinda out of spec.


Had a good run w/Shapeway opener. Occasionally opened just only one side but overall experience was good. Ordered KiiOpener because tips looked worn and could snap off anytime. Aluminum should last longer.


I’ve been using the one from Shapeway for a while. It does take some getting used to initially but thereafter, all is good


Thanks for sharing. Just ordered from kiiboss


I used a similar tool to open 87 Outemu Ice Silver switches for lubing and stickering. That was 8 days ago now, and my thumb still has a callus. I wish there was a tool like the kiiOpener or the Shapeways (I have the shapeways one) for opening Kailh style switch housings (Outemu ice are like kailh).


I’ve used the shapeways tool for about a year and a half. I’ve probably opened around 700 switches with it. Never had any issues.


I have one of these and actually prefer it over the Shapeways opener. It is definitely a janky design, though. But does the job!


The Switchcracker linked in OP will do Kailh switches. It won’t do Outemu, though, IME.


I primarily used the kiiboss opener. It hasn’t failed me and is great to use. I have a switch mod station, so what I normally do is use the kiiboss to open and sort the parts. Afterwards I mount all of the bottoms/springs, then get to lubing what I need to.

Recently I got the switch cracker which seems to work well enough for box switches despite the fact it seems extremely jank. But well enough is well enough.


Do you mean non-BOX Kailh? If so do I use the cherry inserts or the BOX inserts?