Switch Recommendation - Gateron Reds or Gateron Browns

I’m new here but was hoping I could get some input. I joined the kickstarter for the Keychron K6 for an office keyboard that I don’t mind leaving at the office. I was hoping to get some input on switches since I don’t have much experience with many options yet. I know I like Alpacas because of a sample tester thing I ordered but my options for the keyboard are Gat Reds or Gat Browns. I’m worried the reds may be too light? I’m wondering if the browns lubed would feel like linears? Any opinions? I may end up swapping the switches out all together but I’m trying to keep costs down on this one since it will live at my work.

Thanks for any input!

Edit: sorry for the wall of text

TLDR: I like linears, gat reds or gat browns lubed?

I’d say gat reds lubed. Try them for a week before you lube them and if they feel light, maybe purchase some heavier aftermarket springs. If you’re planning on lubing them at some point, you can always throw the new heavier springs in then if you need to.


Alpacas are 62g bottom out I believe, so Gateron reds won’t be far off bottom out force wise (maybe a couple of grams at most).

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I didn’t realize that! Thanks! I’ll go ahead and do reds then

I didn’t even consider swapping springs for some reason. Thank you!


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Too light or not too light really depends of your taste.
I’m a light typist, recently tested Cherry reds and liked them.
But if you like slamming your keys maybe a heavier switch would be better.
Anyway I think(correct me people if I am wrong) the reds and browns share the same spring and then the same stiffness.

It is just too bad they don’t offer gat yellows, they could have been your perfect switch.

Not a linear expert, but if you prefer linears why not take the gat reds ?
If you find them too light you could buy heavier springs and swap them, these generally cost less than 10$ for 100 pieces.
And as your board is hot swappable no need to desolder anything, plus you could make a little lube job if you have time.

Thank you!

The reds are what I ended up choosing! I wish that had yellows too ha. I’m just used to typing on a slightly heavier switch then 45g but I’ll see how I like it!

I totally forgot spring swapping was even an option so I’ll do that if I must and I’ll definitely lube them at some point. I’m probably going to pull the entire thing apart to tune the stabilizers (if possible) I’m not sure how or what they’ve used yet since I don’t have it haha. The hot swapping will be nice for sure.

I’m excited for it though! I already ordered some keycaps that will (hopefully) match my teal MX master 2.