Switch Top / Bottom Compatibility Table

Read to make some sweet Frankenswitches?

Well, you should know that not all switch tops fit all switch bottoms.

Here is a table I have compiled from a few of the popular switch housings I have and was able to test. Hopefully this will help you plan out your next cool hybrid!

Hopefully this kind of thing can be moved to a wiki in the future so it’s easier for others to contribute to.


Walker this is awesome and exactly the kind of thing we need when considering making these meme switches. Honestly I applaud your application of science to the community at large. It’s great to see!


That’s getting bookmarked.

Thanks for sharing!

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What about Kailh?

I can add them, might be confusing though because I was mostly trying to show what tops fit other bottoms, and with Kailh none of them are compatible with the others on this list because they are latch style housings.

The exception is the new Novelkeys Cream housings, but I don’t have that info yet.

Do you guys think it makes sense to include latch style housings here just for the sake of stem compatibility?

Personally no, as you say you were focusing on top and bottom housing combinations, generally when hybridising switches that’s where 80% of the interest lies unless you’re talking holy panda.

If you have looked at the table or tried some of these combinations, you might be aware that Aliaz / Zeal / non-SMD Gateron / Mod switch bottoms all have a potential issue when using tops like Panda, TTC, Cream, or SMD Gateron tops that don’t have the “fangs” to hold the leaf down: The leaf can get pushed up out of its proper position before you get a chance to solder down the switch, and that can make the switch not work properly. It’s more likely to happen if you’re using a hot swap board and removing / installing the switches multiple times.

I came up with a solution that seems to keep the leaf in place with those kind of tops: