Switches for stabs?

Soooo, I ordered a bunch of stuff (way to mutch :money_with_wings:) and my guess is that my split spacebar kit is one of the last things to arrive.

So my idé is to build the board and use the switches as stabs for a regular spacebar until they arrive.

Doable or not, smart or moronic?

Assuming your PCB/plate would actually support switches in that position? Maybe better than building without a stabilizer at all, but not by much. The point of a stabilizer is that when you press one side of the key, it pulls the other side down. Having completely independent switches on either side will really only work if you press the key in the very center every time.


Thank you, I knew it was something that wouldn’t make it work well. XD

Yeah, I believe it was @evangs that tried this unsuccessfully awhile back & reported that it was a bad idea, even with super light springs in the stabilizer switches. Hopefully he’ll see this & chime in with his experience.

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yeah switches as stabs doesn’t really provide very much value. you need the connection between each side that the wire provides to keep everything in line. I also experimented with plastic stab wires but I didn’t have any plastic of the right diameter rigid enough to be effective.