Switches.mx website update!

Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know that I’ve just launched a big update to my website.


  • Completely new infrastructure (from WordPress/React/SQL to Laravel/Statamic/Flat files)
  • New homepage
  • New vendors listing page
  • Completely open source and on GitHub (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0))
    • Feel free to raise a Pull Request for any changes
    • There is also a CMS for that I can grant access to if you’d like to contribute
  • Where available, switches have ThereminGoat switch scores included right on the page eg. Switches.mx | NovelKeys Novelias
  • Minor additions to switch information such as Stem construction (Standard/Kailh Box/Kangaroo/Cap), spring types (Long spring/Progressive)
  • Future improvements and features
    • More switches to be added
    • API
    • Embedded switch widgets (in a similar way that you can embedd a YouTube video on an external website)
    • Frankenswitches (once we have more switches added to the site)
  • Shop updates

If you spot any issues or have any suggestions then please feel free to let me know. I’m not precious and very open to comments.


Wow, awesome website. Really useful for people new to the hobby like me. Always a pain trying to sift through all the different websites and look for each switch description! Looking forward to the frankenswitch section :slight_smile:

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Glad you like it!
Yeah when I started it I had the same frustrating experience so wanted to do something to address that. I’m looking forward to the frankenswitch section too. Just need to get some more switches in there first (because they’ll reference back to each other).

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This is always a wonderful resource

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Nice work! You had a couple we missed on our list.


What’s the API going to be for?


Nice! I didn’t know about that list. I’m going to have a look through it to see if I missed any too.

The API is going to be for anyone that wants to use the switch data to build their own website/service.


Excellent! I got similar plans for my little project.