Switches that stays put

Hi all,

I’ve been doing some searching but couldn’t find anything on the topic so I thought I’d ask.

If I recall right from my distant youth there used to be caps lock keys that would stay pressed down until you pushed them a second time. Are there any easily available switches that mimic this behavior today?

Thank you!

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I think these are what you’re looking for. However, I don’t really see these go for sale that much and most of the time, they go pretty fast.

seems like someone is trying to sell some


Fantastic! This is super helpful. You also gave me the right search terms and vocabulary to continue the search.

I wonder if there is a particular reason this type of switch is so rare these days? Mechanical complexities? Ergonomic deficiencies? Aesthetics? Software support?

Cherry has just simply stopped manufacturing them. They aren’t too rare actually and shouldn’t be too hard to find a few on r/mm.

Got one myself the other day and only had to trade a switch puller for it. GL!

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Thanks! The search is on! :grin::rocket:

There is a seller on Etsy that has them from time to time for $12 per switch. Looks to be sold at currently.

Yeah I think I saw that one. Like you say though it appears to be sold out at the moment.

Dededecline used on on the Kepler build he did a while back. It was neat to see. He did a teardown and lubed it. The VOD is probably still up on his Twitch if interested.

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Thanks! I’ll check it out for sure!