Switchmod got a limited amount of Noxary T60 cases available right now!

Not sure how well known this is or not, but Switchmod has some T60s in stock right now. They are all Night Blue color & come with an Ice Blue plate (not sure what material). If you use @Manofinterests discount code (MOI) it’ll knock $6 off the price too! I ended up caving in & grabbing one since it’s nice to have a couple high quality tray mount cases around for me. Also I figured I’d let you guys know in case anyone would be interested, since I think he only had 24 & some sold already.

I was on there last week and noticed the same and picked one up too. I haven’t had time to do anything with it yet.

It’s aluminum

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Nice, did you get yours yet? If you did how is the quality? Thanks for the heads up on the plate being alum.! I should easily be able to cleanly cut the R shift cut out to accommodate a split Shift there then. Although I may use a universal carbon fiber plate I’ve had sitting for awhile instead. I really liked the sound profile it gave in my Klippe, so I’m hoping it’ll be similar in the T60. Anyways look forward to seeing what you do with yours when you get around to it!

I did, that’s how I knew it was aluminum haha. The quality looked pretty great to me, if there are any imperfections I didn’t notice them. The outside on mine is flawless.

I gotta try out a CF plate one of these days :thinking:

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