T1 (Holy Wei) Samples Review

First Impressions review of T1 switches from KBDfans


But what about Holy T1? :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting. I personally feel like the bump in zeal v2s is too big, so maybe I would like these new switches

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Having something that isn’t a Halo stem clone is a dissapointment, but it’s a really interesting looking switch. If they can get this up to regular manu levels and keep the price down, we may actually have a real, bona fide Zealio killer.

That’s like saying Tofu is a Fjell killer. T1 is not Zealios and 95% is not 100%. Folks who are perfectly happy with T1 will still yearn for that missing 5% and reach for it when they can if they aren’t tired of mechanical keyboards. On top of all that, T1 is just a product for KBDfans where Zealios is ZealPC’s main product. Diversity has its place but so does craftmanship.


I don’t mean “Zealio Killer” as in “will actually take away from Zeal’s business”, I mean “Zealio Killer” as in “Arctos, but actually worth a look.” There’s a reason Zealios are as good as they are, and the relentless pursuit of quality on Zeal’s switches is that reason. No first-revision Gateron clone is ever going to be as great as Zeal’s stuff. And yeah, we joke about the Zeal Tax a lot, but it’s a low price to pay considering the fact that we have a whole range of tactile and linear switches that are leagues above the competition.