Tackiest Keeb Ever

My ex had a carpeted bathroom and I hated showering at her place because of it.


I really want to paint the bottom. but it’s adhered to the board with some kind of glue… so will a picture of tack be sufficient?

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use a tack to scrape off the glue

Who will win?

A sharp, angular tool used to pierce paper VS One Super Sticky Boi

I actually tried to do this and found that industrial grade plastic sealer is pretty tough.

Here it is: The TACK 100. Featuring a whole plastic case and plate design, it will ensure an EXTREMELY bouncy design, as with lots of flex.



Here is the sound test for those who dare…

Stream Tack 100 Sound Test by Backspace | Listen online for free on SoundCloud Link


I like how you’ve very much adhered to the theme you were setting out for :slight_smile:

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Now you should add some Blue Tack somewhere

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