Tactile switch with a bump that feels like a "D"?

Does anyone know about tactile switch with almost no pretravel, bump and then no after travel?


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You might like Gazzew’s U4T switches. Currently there aren’t many retailers that have it in stock, but you can purchase directly from Gazzew by sending a private message to them on Reddit. /u/hbheroinbob

More info is on a stickied post on his reddit profile page.


Already own them and love them allot, thats why I made this post to see if there any other tactile switches that are like this.
Still thanks for the suggestion even tho i already own them.

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I know of a few modded switches I’d describe that way.

The Heisenberg is an Ink Blue with a Halo stem; think of it as a more aggressive Holy Panda minus the distinctive HP sound.

The PB & J is a Dragonfruit with a U4T stem; kind of like the previous switch but with extra-short travel.

In general, the Halo and U4T stems are my go-to when I’m chasing that D.


lol. And thanks for the reply man, you always reply and help me out.


If I can throw one more in there I really like Halo stems in T1 housings. Especially opaque ones like Koala. I’ve recently liked Moyus as well which are T1s with longer stems which help enforce the “no post-travel” directive.

These types of switches really remind me of BKE Redux domes which I like a lot. Like there’s one action happening and then you’re done.

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The regular U4 [Silent, non-thock] of course is also a “D” profile.

Putting Halo stems in the Boba housing to make Holy Bobas is pretty D-shaped.


Hey just want to tell you, I recently put a halo stem in zealios housing, and it also had that D profile. almost no pretravel with no post travel.

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